Tatiana Michel








PhD,Scientist Project Manager PDD Group

Department of Oncology

+352 26 970 264


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Research Experience

Since 2020: Scientist Project Manager
Personalized Drug Discovery Group, Department of Oncology, LIH

2014-2019: Group leader
Innate Cellular Immunity & Chronic Inflammation Group, Department of Infection & Immunity, LIH

2016-2017: Visiting Scholar
Scripps Research Institute, San Diego, USA

2006 – 2014: Researcher
Group of Dr. F. Hentges in J. Zimmer’s team, Laboratory of Immunogenetics and Allergology (LIGA), CRP-Santé Institute (LIH) Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Since 2007: Adjunct lecturer (Immunology)
Cell and Molecular Physiopathology (Master 1) at the University of Strasbourg, Faculty of Medicine, France

2004 – 2006: Post-doctoral researcher
Post-doctoral Fellow, Group of Dr. C. Bonnerot and Dr. S. Amigorena, Laboratory U520/U653 “Immunity and cancer”, Curie Institute, Paris, France

2003: PhD thesis
Fonction of Peptidoglycan Recognition Protein in the Drosophila immunity, Group of Pr. J. Hoffmann, Laboratory UPR9022, University Louis Pasteur (ULP) - Strasbourg, France.


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